Real Estate IRA

By utilizing a true real estate IRA, retirement investors can:

  • Buy commercial and residential real estate properties, mortgage notes, foreign properties and real estate tax liens by simply writing a check directly from their retirement account.
  • Invest in foreclosures, distressed properties, buy them for cash and flip or rent them for immediate cash flow without incurring costly capital gains taxes.
  • Make personal loans, promissory notes and creative real estate deal structuring all backed by the collateral of real estate.
  • Invest in rental properties with IRA funds, allowing for all cash flow to be funnelled into a tax-advantaged retirement account with no tax, ever.
  • Buy a property with the retirement account at today’s market rates and occupy it at the time you take your retirement distributions.

Real estate has had a bad rap over the last several years ever since the real estate market brought everything else to its knees. Luckily, real estate still remains at the core of asset accumulation in the United States.

Real estate IRAs are a great way to access the funds in your current retirement account for timely purchases of real estate for flipping or investment purposes. With property structuring, you will avoid the transaction-based fees incurred by a custodian by simply writing a check directly from your retirement account. Your funds can easily be rolled over from traditional 401(k) and IRA accounts.

With a truly self-directed, checkbook IRA, your retirement account is able to invest in residential and commercial real estate, real estate notes, mortgage notes and deeds, tax liens, foreclosures, short-sales and much more. It’s as simple as writing a check. And don’t forget that when you sell the property, you pay no tax for capital gains like you would with other traditional retirement vehicles.