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Young Adult Workers Struggle With Retirement

Julie November 30, 2013

The young people that graduate from college are excited to start their lives, accomplished for tackling and completing a challenger, and…overwhelmed that they are in debt. But that’s okay. Young people, or the twenty-something year-olds who graduate from college are all going to land huge, high-paying jobs, right? Not quite… Unfortunately, today’s working world and… Continue Reading »


Keep Your Mind Sharp

Julie November 26, 2013

Are you approaching retirement or are already a retiree? Are you having difficulty remembering directions, small details or names? Have you noticed a decrease in what you’ve been able to recall or remember in the last several years? As we get older, our minds begin to slip. This is just a part of life. Although… Continue Reading »


Hindsight Tips for Avoiding Stressful Retirement Planning

Nate Nead November 8, 2013

In your mid- 30’s, you may not be bothered about your retirement as most young adults believe it’s time to work hard and party harder. In your prime age, you may not understand the importance of financial planning, but it’s never too early to start planning for your post retirement life. Start planning for your… Continue Reading »


The Power of Health During Retirement

Julie November 8, 2013

Retirement is a time and point in life that every hardworking adult looks forward to. Retirement takes a lot of time, planning, saving, and investing. This is why when adults are finally able to retire, they should maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle so they can really enjoy retirement. Unfortunately, age and illness are parts… Continue Reading »


Retirement Facts That Will Shock You

Julie November 4, 2013

Retirement is a struggle and a worry on the majority of working adults’ minds. However, it is obvious that those who are most affected are the baby boomers. Recent studies have shown that since the economic fallout beginning in 2008 that many have had to cut back on how much they are able to save… Continue Reading »


How to Survive Retirement

Julie October 22, 2013

This seems like a silly title, doesn’t it? When we think of retirement, we don’t often think of it as something we have to “survive”, like it’s a time in our lives, which we don’t look forward to. In fact, it’s the complete opposite! …Or it should be, at least. The fact is retirement is… Continue Reading »


Get an Education on Retirement

Julie October 14, 2013

Today saving and preparing for retirement is an absolute necessity. Although it’s a necessity, it’s also a challenge…especially for students and young or new workers. It’s a sad fact that many students and new workers know very little about saving and investing for retirement. Financial hardship, debt, and acquiring a job are all factors to… Continue Reading »


The Decrease in Retirement for United States Workers

Julie October 7, 2013

It’s no secret that it is extremely difficult to save and invest for retirement these days. We’ve talked a lot about the difficulties and challenges working adults, adults approaching retirement, and even retirees face today in regards to saving, investing, and just preparing for retirement. While the data and facts can be overwhelming and crushing,… Continue Reading »


Same-Sex Retirement Benefits

Julie September 30, 2013

When people get married, they may discuss how to handle retirement. When two adults decide to get married legally, they are presented with rights to a spouse’s retirement account in the event a spouse passes away, or sometimes even in a divorce. So what does this mean for same-sex marriages? If a same-sex partner passes… Continue Reading »


The Difference in Retirement Preparation Between American Workers of Differing Ethnicities

Julie September 22, 2013

It’s no secret that in the last decade it has become increasingly difficult for Americans to adequately save for retirement. The troubling economy is one reason, and the deterioration of pension plans is another. Studies have shown that even though Caucasian Americans appear to be more prepared for retirement, these numbers have significantly decreased from… Continue Reading »

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